Optimize liquid fuel packaging line by An Thanh water packaging machine

Optimize liquid fuel packaging line by An Thanh water packaging machine

A dedicated automatic water bag packing machine for packaging all kinds of liquid products. The water-based packaging machine line is a separate machine.

Water packaging machine (liquid viscous packing machine) into a specialized automatic bag for packaging all kinds of liquid products. The water-based packaging machine line is a separate machine used exclusively for packing liquid bags, large-sized liquid bags such as salt water, soy sauce, food solutions, medical care, and experiments. Due to the liquid storage, the packing gate is required very high, the weld is sure to ensure that the liquid is not overflowed during transportation.

Application of water packing equipment

Water or liquid packaging machines are used in the liquid product packaging industries such as shampoo, conditioner, cooking oil, satay,…. Furthermore, it is also ideal for the packaging of viscous liquid products thanks to a high temperature system.

Features of the water-based packaging machine

Manufactured on the basis of international advanced technology lines, the machine operates under an automated mechanism that offers outstanding convenience for users. Finished packaging products achieve high accuracy, faster speed than the old machines.

The water packing machine can pack shampoo, shower gel, … is intelligently designed with integrated features such as automatic recognition and shutdown when problems occur, when the system temperature is at a level. too low / too high, half cut and easy to tear off the product. At the same time, welding and stamping structure produces an extremely beautiful, solid and attractive finished product that attracts consumers.

The face in direct contact with the raw material of the machine is made of high-grade 304 stainless steel, does not rust, does not cease to be contaminated with toxic substances, is safe and can be applied to all liquid materials in many other industries. each other (such as food, cosmetics, medicine, …).

The operator controls the automatic packaging machine through the HMI touch screen, making it easy to control and monitor errors that may occur during the operation.

Advantages of the packaging machine for liquid raw materials An Thanh

Compact design, saving usable space as well as installation costs.

The machine parts are manufactured on CNC machines with high precision. Most of electrical components are 100% new, completely imported from prestigious foreign brands.

Ability to operate smoothly, steadily and quickly. Automatically recognize and stop working when an error occurs in the packaging process, very safe.


An Thanh Liquid Packaging Machine – The best choice for business


With many years of experience in the field of mechanical engineering of packaging machines, filling machines, vacuum cleaners, bag sealing machines … serving industries from processed food to cosmetic chemistry and pharmaceutical … An Thanh company owns a team of engineers, skilled workers who confidently bring customers core values ​​when trusting our products, including:

– Packaging equipment with the most competitive price, most suitable for production needs, helps businesses save significant investment costs, minimizing the risk of listing when equipping a device that is not suitable for business needs.

– Absolute peace of mind, satisfaction because we are always dedicated to serving customers, your support and love are the success of the company as well as bring a higher reputation in the competitive market. like nowadays.

– An Thanh water packing machine has a compact, compact structure that saves installation area, has wheels and increases ease of movement. We are always extremely proud of our premium product.

Long-term economic benefits with high operational productivity and less maintenance time.

– Always ready to support quickly when requested from customers, especially receiving line improvements or repairing automatic packaging machines, even without our production.

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