An Thanh chili sauce packaging machine – “The secret weapon” for spice packaging businesses

An Thanh chili sauce packaging machine – “The secret weapon” for spice packaging businesses

How can manufacturers pack the chili sauce quickly while still ensuring quality? That’s thanks to the chili sauce packaging machine.

Compact chili sauce packages for you to take to a picnic or sell to customers is very normal today. So how can manufacturers pack the chili sauce quickly while still ensuring quality? That’s thanks to the chili sauce packaging machine.

Dipping sauces are an indispensable part of our everyday dishes. In which, the most typical is chili sauce. This is an indispensable spice in everyday dishes such as sandwiches, pho, and especially fast food stores.

Principle of operation and application of the chili sauce packaging machine

Chili sauce packaging machine is a specialized equipment for filling and packaging liquid liquid such as: chili sauce, ketchup, satay, soy sauce, fish sauce, … with low investment costs and prices. make sense.

This equipment is usually designed vertically so it is called a vertical packing machine, it has a simple operation method, not too complicated:

First, the workers put the materials in the tank → Automatic packaging machine → the product is accurately quantified → the finished product is sure, with high aesthetics.

Advantages of An Thanh chili sauce packaging equipment

Simple, compact and lightweight machine design saves space, suitable for both small and large businesses. The details of the machine are machined by CNC and laser with high precision, meticulous in every detail.

The machine is integrated and applied with modern presentation technology when using PLC control and the HMI screen displays clearly and intuitively, allowing users to easily set parameters. In addition, the components of this equipment are imported directly from countries with advanced packaging technology, ensuring high durability, reducing the rate of defective products, can meet the demand. long-term use.

The chili sauce packaging machine is very special when it comes to light weight, simple design, easy to use and does not take up much area. With the advantages of integrating modern technology, the packaged chili sauce finished product has a beautiful packaging, the edge of the bag is sealed, sure, to ensure food hygiene and safety.

More specifically, the body and the part in contact with the raw materials are made from stainless steel 304, not rust, meeting GMP standards, ensuring food hygiene and safety.

It can be realized that the An Thanh chili sauce packaging equipment is the “secret weapon” that helps production facilities to bring to the market delicious and hygienic sauces to serve for consumers.

The core value for customers when using the An Thanh chili sauce packaging machine

With many years of experience in the field of mechanical engineering of packaging machines, filling machines, vacuum cleaners, bag sealing machines … serving industries from processed food to cosmetic chemistry and pharmaceutical … An Thanh company owns a team of engineers, skilled workers who confidently bring customers core values ​​when trusting our products, including:

– Packaging equipment with the most competitive price, most suitable for production needs, helps businesses save significant investment costs, minimizing the risk of listing when equipping a device that is not suitable for business needs.

– Absolute peace of mind, satisfaction because we are always dedicated to serving customers, your support and love are the success of the company as well as bring a higher reputation in the competitive market. like nowadays.

– An Thanh chili sauce packaging machine with a compact, compact structure that saves installation area, has wheels and increases ease of movement is a premium product we are always very proud of.

Long-term economic benefits with high operational productivity and less maintenance time.

– Always ready to support quickly when requested from customers, especially receiving line improvements or repairing automatic packaging machines, even without our production.


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