Are cosmetic packaging machines really necessary for the cosmetic chemical industry?

Are cosmetic packaging machines really necessary for the cosmetic chemical industry?

Investing in a professional cosmetic packaging machine is something that cosmetic manufacturers are still doing very well.

Investing in a professional cosmetic packaging machine is something that cosmetic manufacturers are still doing very well.

The role of cosmetics probably does not need to be mentioned, customers can also understand. Women or even men, when going out on the street, cannot lack cosmetics, cosmetics not only make us more beautiful but also help us to be more confident when walking out of the house, going to events, going to work and going out. ….

And because of the importance of cosmetics, its packaging is also paid special attention by consumers, a product with a beautiful, professional packaging has decided almost half the chance of being held by consumers. on hand and take it home.

The properties of cosmetics

Previously, cosmetics used in makeup and body care were just some basic types such as lipsticks, powders, lotions, … nowadays, meeting the needs of beauty and care. Consumers’ different body, the types of cosmetics have become more diverse. Not only are the beauty products in the form of traditional powders and creams, nowadays there are a variety of cosmetic forms such as water, liquid, natural oil, crushed, dry cosmetics. , …

Such cosmetics often have different properties and need to be packaged in different packaging types as well as need a separate preservation method. Liquid cosmetics, for example, definitely cannot be packaged with paper or less sturdy packaging because they can be seeped or spilled, affecting quality. Moreover, cosmetics are used directly on the body, so the impact on consumers’ health is not small. So if these cosmetics are not properly preserved, it will cause many consequences for consumers.

Disadvantages of manual cosmetic packaging

When the technology has not yet developed cosmetic packaging machines, there is no choice but to use workers to pack cosmetics from big to small. At that time, the number of packing workers in each factory was up to hundreds of people, but sometimes it could not meet the orders and the market demand.

  • The downsides can be mentioned

Because how skilled people are, there are certain limitations. First of all in terms of speed and health. A maximum packing worker per day can only work 8 – 9 hours under normal health conditions. If you have any health problems, you should immediately need a replacement if you do not want to delay production. If the customer is an HR manager, we assure you that you have had headaches due to lack of personnel or unstable flow of personnel, all production activities must depend on key workers, making them constantly overtime.

Besides the health issue is the issue of professional work. With new employees, we need initial time to train and guide them to get used to the job. This is also time consuming and costly. Although trained, it cannot be sure that the workers will not let mistakes occur when performing cosmetic packaging.

In terms of safety and hygiene according to cosmetic packaging standards, when packing beauty products, factories are also concerned about the top. Due to the need of a lot of manpower, the finished product exposed to many external factors is inevitable. Therefore, the personnel working at the cosmetic packaging factory need to equip with sterile protective clothing and must take many strict steps before entering the factory.

Cosmetic packaging machine application

In order to limit the disadvantages of manual packaging and increase productivity, cosmetic packaging equipment was born and quickly became the most widely used and popular machine in the packaging factories. package. The number of direct employees gradually decreased, instead of machines and machine operators.

Not only is the packing speed fast, the accuracy of the packing machine is definitely higher than the labor because they have been through quantitative setting from the start. Thanks to that rhythmic and precise operation, the cosmetic packaging machine can produce hundreds of products as one. Once invested in a machine but you can use it for decades with proper maintenance. Compared to having to change employees every few months, plus a few months of training new human resources, only one investment in machinery will be needed, it will certainly save a lot more time and costs for businesses.

Moreover, the cosmetic packaging machines are also very versatile because they can pack many different types of cosmetics. Suppose a powder packaging machine can be used to pack a powder that can pack different powder cosmetics, … or a liquid packaging machine can be used to pack shampoos, makeup remover. … So customers should not be too worried when not taking advantage of and exploiting all the features of the packaging lines.

An Thanh high-end industrial packaging machine company

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