AN THANH MANUFACTURING – TRADING – SERVICE – ENGINEERING CO., LTD is a professional manufacturer of packaging machines (referred to as An Thanh Packaging Machinery Company), which was established on February 17, 2017. In the Doi Moi period, new policy of government has  created new development for many businesses. An Thanh Packaging Machinery Company was born with the mission of providing the most optimal products, services and offering the most useful solutions. An Thanh Packaging Machine Company has chosen the way to go up, taking the top quality and reputation. In 2017 An ThanhAn Thanh Packaging Machine brand was officially launched.

An Thanh is an enterprise working in many fields such as: mechanical processing; treating and overlaying metal; wholesale machinery, mechanical equipment; manufacturing and manufacturing automatic packaging machines, etc. As a leader with more than twenty years of experience in the field of mechanics, An Thanh Packaging Machinery Company has led and trained the employees of An Thanh Packing Machine Company into a closed, industry-standard workflow. People are always cultivating, cultivating and being aware of the mission of attentive service to every customer ‘s most demanding needs.

Vietnam is in a period of strong integration with the world in all aspects. This is an opportunity as well as a challenge waiting for us ahead. An Thanh Packaging Machine Company will constantly listen to goodwill suggestions, as well as serious criticisms to strive to improve product quality, enhance competitiveness, improve management processes and improve product quality, service according to the motto: “Constantly learning, constantly improving, constantly creating.”

An Thanh Packaging Machine Company always values the foundation value for development, which is the opportunity to cooperate with customers. We believe that with An Thanh team is united, strong and always a supportive friend of our customers, An Thanh will surely reap more success in the future.

“Improving products for survival and development”


An Thanh Packaging Machine Company was born with the purpose and principle of creating the most optimal product, meeting more customers’ needs with shorter and more effective time and more advanced. With goal of comprehensive deployment of support services and automated product packaging solutions in Vietnam and regions, we help businesses to maximize the product’s superiority in production and development. In addition, we have an enthusiastic R&D team, always applying the latest technology to promote the deployment of innovative ideas about packaging.

An Thanh Packaging Machine Company aims to become an automatic packaging manufacturing machine company which providing improvement and sustainable development product and services based on the combination of knowledge strength, collective solidarity and technology. With a compact structure, strong financial ability and stable business together with an enterprise management method applying 4.0 technology, An Thanh Packaging Machinery Company is increasingly asserting its position and position in field automatic packaging machine.

Organizational chart

An Thanh Packaging Machine Company It is a system of enthusiastic people with professional leadership, many of whom have long-term experience in leading companies. The operating model of the company is arranged horizontally, clearly decentralized, increasing professionalism, creating convenience in operating the business apparatus and increasing the unified coordination between departments in the company.


An Thanh Packaging Machinery Company always aims of reaching and satisfying requirements of customers by providing optimal solutions for packaging standards in high quality to minimize packaging time. It helped bringing added values to the business of partners in the context of economic integration.

With An Thanh Packing Machine Company, customer satisfaction is the most important thing. This satisfaction has been clearly reflected in each type of service and product that the Company is providing: high quality products, on-site care services; upgrade solution of rapid improvement. Amongst them, the most important thing is to bring real value to customers.

An Thanh Packaging Machinery Company has built the following principles in customer & partner care services as follows:

  • Respond quickly and effectively to all customer requirements within a defined period of time.
  • Ensuring continuous and durable operation of the products supplied by the Company.
  • Enthusiastic, thoughtful customer service team with agile manners and courteous attitude.
  • Ensuring to provide products with reasonable prices and many valuable after-sales services.
  • Training staff with working style to bring the best experience 

Construction principles


With a strategic orientation in the next 5 years, An Thanh Packaging Machine Company strives to become the leading service company in manufacturing automatic packaging machines in Vietnam. An Thanh Packaging Machine Company has been focusing on improving its high professional capacity and increasing financial resources for the following activities:

  • Investing in designing and manufacturing new products to promptly meet the increasing demands of customers.
  • vesting in expanding standard workshops, in order to create the best working environment for all employees, as well as increase production scale, timely supply increasing market demand.
  • Explore advanced technical solutions to reduce production costs. An Thanh Packaging Machine Company always advises and provides many other effective solutions on packaging techniques according to each customer’s specific requirements in order to bring the highest economic efficiency to the business partners. Especially, we always advise on improving the completely free packaging system for each specific business.


The products of An Thanh Packaging Machine Company are built on the basis of combining the world’s modern technology and the creative thinking ability of Vietnamese people. The application of advanced science and technology and exploitation of human resources in the country has helped An Thanh Packaging Machinery Company to create superior products with competitive prices. Products are manufactured and implemented according to quality measurement processes and standards, abided by progress requirements of customers. In addition, the customer support system of An Thanh Packaging Machine Company includes a team of highly qualified and recruited consultants and designers with extensive experience in the field of training and presentation. We are always ready to serve customers.