A brief overview of the working process of the automatic packaging machine

A brief overview of the working process of the automatic packaging machine

Automatic packaging machine is an indispensable equipment in the operation lines of industrial production industries and also for household production scale. The benefits that automatic packaging machines bring are undeniable.

Automatic packaging machine form and core operating principle

No matter how diverse, automatic packaging machines are designed based on two forms and the most core operating principle:

Flat packing machine

With this type of packaging machine, the packing materials are put into ready-made packages and transferred to the packing machine on a horizontal conveyor belt.

It is widely used in industries such as vegetable packaging, bread packaging …

Vertical packing machine

In shape, this type of packaging machine has the above material storage tank and transfers the ingredients to the packaging in quantitative form.

This product is used in powder packaging machines such as coffee packaging machines, sugar packaging machines; as well as granular packaging machines such as peanut packaging machines, pepper packaging machines, and seed packaging machines.

In addition, a dedicated line of machines was separated from the vertical series machines, as it was developed into several smaller lines divided according to the filling system design.

Although divided into many lines and have different structures, but the operation of the packaging machines are the same principle:

Using a fully automatic mechanism controlled by pre-programmed electrical equipment such as PLCs, sensors, … to pack the packaging automatically. When the finished product is delivered to the packaging machine line, the machine will automatically feed the bag and pick up the bag, open the top of the bag and then load the product inside the bag. Finally, sealing the bag, cutting the eyelids to produce packaging products with high quality standards.

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